Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society for Crystallography : “Crystallography meets Physics”

Geneva, September 12, 2017
Faculty of Science, University of Geneva
30, quai Ernest-Ansermet – Geneva

The annual meeting of the SGK/SSCr Swiss Society for Crystallography takes place this year in Geneva. The 2017 annual meeting will focus on various applications of crystallography in physics, as described by the title “Crystallography meets Physics” given to this edition. The program of the meeting will be structured in three main sessions:

1) Diffuse scattering and disorder
2) Femto-crystallography
3) Low-dimensional materials and interfaces

Each of them opened by an invited speaker:
Dr. Dmitry Chernyshov, Swiss-Norwegian Beamline, ESRF Grenoble, France
Dr. Jörg Standfuss, PSI, Villigen, Switzerland
Dr. Marco Gibertini, EPF, Lausanne, Switzerland

Contributed oral presentation and a poster session will complete the scientific program of the meeting. Contributions are welcome on any of the following topics:

  •             Novel experimental and analytical methods
  •             In-situ and in-operando crystallography
  •             Charge density and bonding analysis
  •             Molecular crystals
  •             Aperiodic crystals
  •             Low dimensional materials
  •             Disorder and diffuse scattering
  •             Design and synthesis of novel materials

For more information, registration and abstract submission, please click here. Abstract should be submitted by the 1st of July.

The participation to the meeting is free of charges, but registration is needed.

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