Edoardo Martino took part at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

Edoardo Martino, PhD student in the group of Prof. Ana Akrap (UniFR) and Prof. László Forró (EPFL), was selected to take part at the prestigious Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting.
The meeting takes place each year with the aim to “foster the exchange among scientists of different generations, cultures, and disciplines”, by creating a unique environment for discussions between Nobel laureates and the next generation of leading scientists. This year 39 Nobel laureates, mostly in Physics and Chemistry, and 600 young scientists from all over the world gathered for a week in the Lindau island on the shore of Lake Constance. The topic of this year meetings was Physics, with a particular focus on dark matter and cosmology, laser physics and gravitational waves. Notable the participation of laureates that worked in the fields close of condensed matters physics and new materials: Johannes Georg Bednorz, Albert Fert, Duncan M. Haldane, Brian David Josephson, J. Michael Kosterlitz, Dan Shechtman, Klaus von Klitzing, Konstantin Novoselov.

Edoardo had the unique opportunity to discuss about topological phase in materials with John Michael Kosterlitz, 2016 Physics Nobel prize.

Here together, in the picture taken at a coffee break during the meeting.

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