The PhysiScope and the French Swiss TV channel RTS co-produce the weekly programme L’Oreille des Kids. A 15-minute show designed specially for 7 – 10 years-old children are created and animated by the PhysiScope.

How do airplanes fly ? What is static electricity ? Why do some objects floar and others sink ? How do rainbows form ? Through experiments commented by the PhysiScope’s experts, children discover science in a playful manner. Testing physics directly, stepping into a researchers shoe, doing fascinating experiments in a hands-on way – these are the means of the PhysiScope’s approach. This fruitful collaboration with RTS encourages the youngest to approach the major principles of physics in a fun-loving way.

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Awards in 2014

L’Oreille des Kids has been selected at the Prix  jeunesse international 2013/14. It has been featured in its catalog « Quality in Children’s TV Worldwide » and has been presented at the Media Bar, in June 2014 in Munich. The aim of Prix jeunesse international is to promote quality in television for the young worldwide. The broadcast has also received an honourable mention during the Cynopsis Kids Imagination Award ceremony in New York on June 11, 2014.

The 32 Science episodes are available on DVD !

Primary school teachers in Switzerland can order the DVD set (available in french only) free of charge, for restricted usage in their teaching activities. Each episode is illustrated with a simple experiment to do using every-day’s ingredients. To order them, write to physiscope@unige.ch.

The 3 DVD set can be ordered (CHF 29.-) and is available in specialized shops.

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