A travelling exhibition

SUPRA100 is a travelling art & science exhibition dedicated to superconductivity. It presents in an original way this phenomenon of great technological promise for the future. Furthermore, SUPRA100 is a very unique vector to reach the public. It brings people normally not interested in science in contact with active scientists and contemporary research.

The NCCR MaNEP, the University of Geneva and the artist Etienne Krähenbühl conceived this exhibition in 2011 to celebrate the centennial of the discovery of superconductivity.  Over 45’000 people have visited SUPRA100 at the University of Geneva in 2011, at the Museum of Natural History in Neuchâtel in 2013 and at the Galerie Eurêka in Chambéry (France) in 2015-2016.

In addition to the exhibition, events around superconductivity, such as conferences, shows in collaboration with the PhysiScope and guided tours are proposed to the public.

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