L’Oreille des Kids (2013)

ODK is a TV programme in French about science produced by the PhysiScope, in collaboration with the RTS intended to 7-11 years old children.

32 Science episodes are available on DVD !

The DVD set can be ordered by filling the form and is also available in specialized shops.
Primary school teachers in Switzerland can order the DVD set (available in French only) free of charge, for restricted usage in their teaching activities. Each episode is illustrated with a simple experiment to do using every-day’s ingredients.To order them, write to

Supra100 – Le Temps suspendu (2011)

A documentary in French retraces the encounter between the scientists of the national centre of research MaNEP and the artist Etienne Krähenbühl. The film recounts the incredible adventure culminating in the creation of a scientific artwork. Suspended between doubt and research, experimentation and result, it is the story of the collaboration between art and science. An opportunity to discover superconductivity via an artistic approach.

Superconductivity : interviews of scientists of MaNEP Network (2011)

What is superconductivity ?

Research in laboratories

Medical applications

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Demonstrations of superconductivity at the PhysiScope (2011)

Superconductivity : electrical properties

Superconductivity : magnetic properties


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Superconductivity: a brief overview of a great enigma (2007)

What is superconductivity and what are its uses? In 15 minutes you will be introduced to this astounding physical phenomenon: how it works, major historical discoveries, commercial applications and above all the mysteries that remain unsolved.

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