Ievgeniia Nedoliuk won the photo contest of the UNIGE Faculty of Science

Nedoliuk_IevgeniiaCongratulations to Ievgeniia Nedoliuk who won the 1st prize of the photo contest organized by the UNIGE Faculty of Science.

The projects have been selected according to the originality of the approach, the quality and the consistency of the pictures.



Ievgeniia Nedoliuk explains her work :

Contest_Nedoliuk3” This series of pictures shows a hand of a scientist and a hand of the god demiurge. These scenes follow the well-known masterpiece “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo. What is science for ? My answer to this question is given by this series of pictures. Development of science allows mankind to approach the creator. Whenever a scientist uncovers the mysteries of a crystalline structures or connections of neurons in the brain he acquires a better understanding of the laws of nature. Thus he becomes a step closer to understanding of harmony, symmetry and beauty of the god demiurge. Man is the only creature on Earth with such intelligence and infinite hunger to explore the unknown. As mankind is an important integral part of nature this desire to explore helps us to understand ourselves. Science is what makes us different from other kingdoms.”

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