Selected publications December 2019 to May 2020

Mahan excitons in room-temperature methylammonium lead bromide perovskite
T. Palmieri, E. Baldini, A. Steinhoff, A. Akrap, M. Kollár, E. Horváth, L. Forró, F. Jahnke and M. Chergui
Nature Communications volume 11, Article number: 850 (2020)

Multiple Magnetic Bilayers and Unconventional Criticality without Frustration in BaCuSi2O6
S. Allenspach, A. Biffin, U. Stuhr, G. S. Tucker, S. Ohira-Kawamura, M. Kofu, D. J. Voneshen, M. Boehm, B. Normand, N. Laflorencie, F. Mila, and Ch. Rüegg
Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 177205

Artificial quantum confinement in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures
M. Caputo
, M. Boselli, A. Filippetti, S. Lemal, D. Li, A. Chikina, C. Cancellieri, T. Schmitt, J.-M. Triscone, P. Ghosez, S. Gariglio, and V. N. Strocov
Phys. Rev. Materials 4, 035001

High-Temperature Charge-Stripe Correlations in La1.675Eu0.2Sr0.125CuO4
Q. Wang, M. Horio, K. von Arx, Y. Shen, D. Mukkattukavil, Y. Sassa, O. Ivashko, C. E. Matt, S. Pyon, T. Takayama, H. Takagi, T. Kurosawa, N. Momono, M. Oda, T. Adachi, S. M. Haidar, Y. Koike, Y. Tseng, W. Zhang, J. Zhao, K. Kummer, M. Garcia-Fernandez, K. J. Zhou, N. B. Christensen, H. M. Rønnow, T. Schmitt and J. Chang
Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 187002 (2020)

Spatially inhomogeneous competition between superconductivity and the charge density wave in YBa2Cu3O6.67
J. Choi, O. Ivashko, E. Blackburn, R. Liang, D. A. Bonn, W. N. Hardy, A. T. Holmes, N. B. Christensen, M. Hücker, S. Gerber, O. Gutowski, U. Rütt, M. v. Zimmermann, E. M. Forgan, S. M. Hayden and J. Chang
Nature Communications volume 11, Article number: 990 (2020)

Electric control of a spin current has potential for low-power computing
S. Gariglio
Nature 580, 458-459 (2020)

Role of point and line defects on the electronic structure of LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaces
A. GloterG. TieriD. LiM. CaputoV. N. StrocovO. StéphanJ.-M. Triscone and S. Gariglio
APL Materials 8, 041103 (2020)

Emergence of nontrivial low-energy Dirac Fermions in antiferromagnetic EuCd2As2
J. Ma, H. Wang, S. Nie, C. Yi, Y. Xu, H. Li, J. Jandke, W. Wulfkehel, Y. Huang, D. West, P. Richard, A. Chikina, V. N. Strocov, J. Mesot, H. Wenig, S. Zhang, Y. Shi, T. Qian, M. Shi, H. Ding
Advanced Materials 2020, 1907565 (2020)

Exploring the Kondo Effect of an Extended Impurity with Chains of Co Adatoms in a Magnetic Field
Bimla Danu, Fakher F. Assaad, and F. Mila
Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 176601

Low-energy excitations in type-II Weyl semimetal Td-MoTe2 evidenced through optical conductivity
D. Santos-Cottin, E. Martino, F. Le Mardele, C. Witteveen, F. O. von Rohr, C. C. Homes, Z. Rukelj and A. Akrap
Phys. Rev. Materials 4, 021201 (2020)

Observation and manipulation of maximal Chern numbers in the chiral topological semimetal PdGa
N. B. M. Schröter, S. Stolz, K. Manna, F. de Juan, M. G. Vergniory, J. A. Krieger, D. Pei, P. Dudin, T. K. Kim, C. Cacho, B. Bradlyn, H. Borrmann, M. Schmidt, R. Widmer, V. Strokov, and C. Felser
To appear in Science, aaz3480 (2020)

Preferential out-of-plane conduction and quasi-onedimensional electronic states in layered 1T-TaS2
E. Martino, A. Pisoni, L.Ćirić, A. Arakcheeva, H. Berger, A. Akrap, C. Putzke, P. J. W. Moll, I. Batistić, E. Tutiš, L. Forró and K. Semeniuk
npj 2D Materials and Applications (2020) 4:7

Simultaneous nodal superconductivity and time-reversal symmetry breaking in the noncentrosymmetric superconductor CaPtAs
T. Shang, M. Smidman, A. Wang, L. -J. Chang, C. Baines, M. K. Lee, Z. Y. Nie, G. M. Pang, W. Xie, W. B. Jiang, M. Shi, M. Medarde, T. Shiroka, and H. Q. Yuan
Phys. Rev. Lett. Accepted 21 April 2020

Strong- to weak-coupling superconductivity in high-Tc bismuthates: Revisiting the phase diagram via µSR
T. Shang, D. J. Gawryluk, M. Naamneh, Z. Salman, Z. Guguchia, M. Medarde, M. Shi, N. C. Plumb, T. Shiroka
Phys. Rew. B 101, 014508 (2020)

Design of van der Waals interfaces for broad-spectrum optoelectronics
N. Ubrig, E. Ponomarev, J. Zultak, D. Domaretskiy, V. Zólyomi, D. Terry, J. Howarth, I. Gutiérrez-Lezama, A. Zhukov, Z. R. Kudrynskyi, Z. D. Kovalyuk, A. Patané, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, R. V. Gorbachev, V. I. Fal’ko and A. F. Morpurgo
Nature Materials volume 19pages 299–304 (2020)

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