TEP-CH conference at Empa


The last TEP-CH conference took place at Empa (Dübendorf) from September 16 to 19 2013. More than 50 participants coming from 11 different countries contributed with oral and/or poster presentations. The conference was a testimony of worldwide activity in the field of thermoelectrics.

The Solid state chemistry and catalysis laboratory at Empa started in 2007 to assemble well reputed scientists from international universities and institutes, as well as industry every second year at the TEP-CH conference. The aim of the meeting is to promote cooperation on the development of thermoelectric materials and devices. The scientific program included 3 keynote lectures, 9 invited talks, 14 oral presentations and 10 posters. The remarkable keynote lectures were held by Joseph Heremans (Ohio State University, USA), Yuri Grin (Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Germany), and Bo Brummerstedt Iversen (Aarhus University, Denmark). Also, many PhD students presented their research progress, and experimental data or theoretical results were lively discussed during the question sessions.

The conference was a testimony of worldwide activity in the field of thermoelectrics. Most topics were related to oxide thermoelectric materials, due to the fact that oxides are more economical and environmentally friendly. New ideas were proposed, such as spin-Seebeck and spin-caloritronics. Also, some new thermoelectric compounds, such as layered oxychalcogenides and pseudo hollandite transition metal chalcogenides were reported. The conference gave a boost to research in thermoelectricity and brought more hope for future applications.

Besides the scientific presentations, the award ceremony was held in ETH Dozentenforum during the conference Apéro. TEP-CH organization committee presented two Entrepreneurship awards to Wulf Glatz (greenTEG AG, Switzerland) and Ryoji Funahashi (TES NewEnergy, Japan) for recognition of their efforts on thermoelectric applications. The BFE funding was used to partly cover the conference fees of the invited speakers and give a contribution to coffee breaks.

Leyre Sagarna, Empa



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