The LTA is launching a High-Performance Chemical Analysis and Imaging Platform – Seminar on November 14th

This platform is now open to both academic and industrial laboratories.

Discover more at the XPS and TOF-SIMS seminar on November 14th.

This platform, unique in Switzerland, combines expertise in molecular identification and surface chemistry with two state-of-the-art systems: a TOF-SIMS mass spectrometer and a scanning XPS microprobe.

These two complementary techniques allow sensitive and quantitative analysis of elemental and molecular composition, of a great variety of materials. The breadth of possible applications, ranging from the study of multilayer electronic devices to organic tissue, make this platform a real asset to research and innovation in diverse fields.

The LTA is a joint platform of the University of Geneva and the HES-SO-Geneva. It supports academic research within both institutions, and promotes resource sharing both internally and with industrial partners.

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