Complex Oxide Heterostructures Mini-Workshop

The goal of this one-day online workshop is to bring together the Swiss researchers working on thin films, heterostructures and devices from complex oxides. In particular, it is aimed at the PhD students and Postdocs to provide them with an opportunity to present and discuss their work. Interested researchers from abroad are equally welcome.

Besides the invited speakers listed below, there will be several contributed talks and an extended poster session.

Invited Speakers
Manuel Bibes (CNRS Thales, Paris, F)
Hans Boschker (MPI-FKF, Stuttgart, D)
Julia Mundy (Harvard University, US)
Victor Pardo (Universidad Santiago de Compostela, E)
Pablo Zubko (University College London, UK)

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9h30 First connection
9h50 Welcome
Chair: Vladimir Strocov
10h Manuel Bibes Spin-charge interconversion with two-dimensional oxide systems
10h30 Fryderyk Lyzwa Optical evidence for non-collinear and strongly asymmetric polar moments at back- gated SrTiO3 interfaces
10h45 Anna Zakharova Interplay between magnetism and interface-induced effects in ultra-thin manganites
Chair: Stefano Gariglio
11h15 Pavlo Zubko Ferroelectric domains in curved free-standing superlattices
11h45 Sayantika Bhowal Revealing hidden magneto-electric multipoles using Compton scattering
12h Yixi Zhou Variable-temperature SNOM imaging of long-propagating phonon-polaritons in STO and LAO/STO interfaces
12h15 Yorick A. Birkhölzer Nanoscopic strain control in VO2 thin films
12h30 LUNCH
13h30 POSTER SESSION (already running over lunch)
Chair: Milan Radovic
14h30 Hans Boschker Thermal Laser Epitaxy
15h Jonathan Spring Interfacial reconstructions in double perovskite thin films
15h15 Bernat Mundet Structural and electronic phase mapping in Rare-earth Nickelate heterostructures
15h30 BREAK
Chair: TBA
15h45 Victor Pardo Electronic structure of the superconducting layered nickelates
16h15 Marios Hadjimichael Searching for superconductivity in SrCuO2 heterostructures
16h30 Julia Mundy Superconductivity in a quintuple-layer square-planar nickelate

Registration and Abstracts
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Pratical details
This one-day workshop took place on the 28th October 2021 as an online format via the platforms “Zoom” and “”.

Marta Gibert (University of Zürich)
Christian Bernhard (University of Fribourg)

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